SNDTRCK is a French collective composed of 4 friends riding track bike since 2007/2008. Yes we are doing tricks on fixed gear bikes and we love it so much that we finally decided to make this blog, to support the local scene, riders and fixed gear industry.


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Monday, December 16 2013

Fixed Days 2014


Yes Fixed Days is comming back this year in Berlin !!
And Yes we are still a part of this crazy event !! So be prepare to have some fun in Berlin in march and save the date it will be AMAZING !!!

Facebook Event

Just to remember how it was last year I repost our video !!! :)

Sunday, March 18 2012

Fixed Days - Eurobike 2012 Event

I'm sure you remember last year's edition of Eurobike Fixed Gear Championship. It was one of the major events in Europe for fixed gear culture in 2011, and we had a blast.

This year we're taking pretty much the same approach and adding a few more events. After all, more events equals more fun :)

We're still associated with the world’s biggest bicycle trade show EUROBIKE (yes, it is 6 times bigger than Interbike), and we'd be happy have you along for the ride at one of Europe's biggest events dedicated to the fixed wheel.

From August29th to September 2nd, FIXED DAYS 2012 will offer various activities that are easy combine with any of your other bike-related interests at the huge bicycle exhibition. You can always just sweeten your vacation at one of the biggest lakes in Europe too. There's no beating the Alps!

Guaranteed this year will be crazier than the last with seven events in total plus a huge FGFS contest to top things off!


Registration has just opened so if you want to be a part of the fun register here

And just as a reminder, here is the video of last year's edition !!!

See you there guys !!

Thursday, June 23 2011

Event : X surplace


Last week end, the largest courier company in Paris and our friends from surplace (the interactive fixed gear agency) pushed an event to promote the bike messenger's job

A special alley cat took place on saturday, with some dispatch at each checkpoint, everyone who raced told us it was a nice ride throught the city, even if it was raining before the start and right after the end.

After that, an after party was hold in a large exhibition gallery. The party included free drink and food, a B&W picture exhib, last but not lesat a nice goldsprint (I think I raced more goldsprint in my life than real race, wierd), with a nice battle in between crews.

SNDTRCK vs NuCult and a victory for SNDTRCK, but unfortunately we loose against Surplace, but it was a really nice event and we have riden so fast on this goldsprint bike (85 km/h for me, and 93km/h for Thibs !!! really siiick !) We know are thinking not taking the plane anymore as we can reach supersonic speed on a bike... :p

Many thanks to everybody who make this event !!