SNDTRCK is a French collective composed of 4 friends riding track bike since 2007/2008. Yes we are doing tricks on fixed gear bikes and we love it so much that we finally decided to make this blog, to support the local scene, riders and fixed gear industry.


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Friday, November 8 2013

Felix Nucult Contest Entry

As you know if you have seen the last video of Felix, he is the new member of SNDTRCK.

Some days ago our friends from Nucult have made a video contest !
With Felix with have made this one night edit to send for the contest, it was the first time that Felix made a feeble to barspin.

I hope you will enjoy it ! The kid is growing fast and he is so good on his bike !!!

01.jpg 02.jpg 03.jpg

Friday, August 10 2012

Fixed Days FGFS Contest


This is just a quick reminder !!! Fixed Days arrive really soon, it will be an awesome event, bigger than last year with so many people !!!

We are hosting the FGFS contest and we are supervising all the events so we know that it will be siick

Be there or be square !!!

Sunday, February 12 2012

Pegless Jam - 10&11 march 2012


Do you remember last year about the Pignon Fixe Rendez vous ???

It was a nice sunday at the skate park of Villiers sur Orges near from Paris ! last year the contest was one day after the pegless a famous BMX event !! This year we take the same things but different :D

This year the BMX contest and the FGFS contest are mixed together to have a nice meeting for all the riders, just to have fun together !! The park is at the same place but everything is brand new inside, every modules are different it's like we ride a new skatepark. The name is pegless but only for the contest pegs are allow inside the park !!!

We have a lot of partner to this event so we will have some nice prices for almost every riders !!!

Below there are a small video and some photo of the park, with some footage of last year !!