SNDTRCK is a French collective composed of 4 friends riding track bike since 2007/2008. Yes we are doing tricks on fixed gear bikes and we love it so much that we finally decided to make this blog, to support the local scene, riders and fixed gear industry.


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Thursday, April 5 2012

Thibs on a DJ web TV


Some weeks ago Thibs have film with some guys from Italy for a webTV about DJing. For this issue, they went to Paris, to discover some people of the music culture in Paris.

But they also have make something about Fixed Gear in Paris, where Thibs have an interview. He talks about how it's fun to ride in Paris !

Go directly to the 13:00 minutes if you want to see Thibs in action !!

The film is here !

thibs1.jpg thibs2.jpg thibs3.jpg

Tuesday, May 31 2011

Canal J - Wazup with Felix !

As you know, at SNDTRCK the main guideline of the collective is to help the fixed gear scene to push forward. That's why when the TV channel Canal J told us that they want to make a reportage about fixed gear freestyle we said we would help them out.

Canal J is a channel for the kids, so we have asked Felix (12 years old), the youngest rider's in Paris to be the star of this emission. Here is the result, remember that kids have difficulties finding a proper bike set-up, that's why the tricks might look basic but who cares about that ?

You can see Thibs (Grime T-shirt) shredding as ass on the reportage too !!

Felix was so stocked when the video finlay came out. Unfortunatly, he now does have time to manage his success.. ;-)