SNDTRCK is a French collective composed of 4 friends riding track bike since 2007/2008. Yes we are doing tricks on fixed gear bikes and we love it so much that we finally decided to make this blog, to support the local scene, riders and fixed gear industry.


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Monday, April 29 2013

Sunday session with Nico & Stefano

stefano_180_2_435.jpg Stefano hangover 180 from the block

Yesterday we had a small session with Nicolas and Stefano. It was really a sunday session, Stefano was there without sleeping from the night before, and I broke my sprocket (as you can see on the picture), so no big tricks was landing, but it was fun.

It's crazy to see how Stefano feels good on his new bike, after only a week he has new tricks with the serpent !

And Nico is always better and better each time I see him, he has some crazy new line on the Bercy bloc ... that's awesome !

broken_sprocket.jpg Broken sprocket

stefano_footjam.jpg Stefano hangover footjam tailwhip

nico_smith.jpg Nicolas Zanoni - Smith

Wednesday, April 24 2013

Stefano Savarino back in 700C


I'm sure you know who is Stefano Savarino, this is the guy behind the best bike shop in town, La Bicyclette !

But he also a great rider and a part of Nucult, the crazy 700C crew !
Before yesterday Stefano was the only guy who ride a 26" bike in the crew, but he is back in the big wheels game with his brand new Serpent from breakbrake17.

And I must admit that he is damn good on his bike, he already have done all his tricks with his new bike !

Those photos are only some quick one from my phone, but I promise to do better one soon ;)

He has build one of the craziest setup in town, here is a small bike check :

  • Frame/Fork : Bi-color BB17 Serpent / Cobra v3 fork
  • Stem : Unknown top load
  • Bar : S&M 5" bar
  • Crank : Profile 165mm
  • Sprocket : Spike 31t Chromo sprocket
  • Pedal : Animal
  • Strap : YNOT
  • Front Wheel : H+Son todestrieb laced with sadio front hub
  • Rear Wheel : H+Son todestrieb laced with spike classic rear hub
  • Seat Post : Volume seat post
  • Saddle : Deco FAT pivotal
  • Tires : Schwalbe Marathon 700Cx47




Thursday, August 30 2012

Last session photos from Stefano Savarino

IMG_3187.jpg light painting night !

Stefano Savarino have take some nice photos during our last session !!! We also have make some nice light painting session that was so much fun !! We have take all this photos with a public spot light and the result is pretty good !!

We need to do more session like this one, this was a lot of fun !

287268_4562344106584_840610085_o.jpg Thomas Poignant - footplant - Paris

285977_816325909654_2031048782_o.jpg Eliza - Barspin - Paris

Tuesday, March 13 2012

Pegless Jam 5 Photoset by Stefano Savarino


So the pegless5 is over!

What a crazy week end. Much thanks to all the people who came in from all over Europe. From Geneva, London, Rotterdam, Lille, Paris ... It was an amazing time and we're stoked that you all made it out!

The contest it self was really cool, but the street sessions afterwards took things to another level. We couldn't count the number of tricks that went down this weekend if we tried.

About the contest results :

  1. Oscar Khan (London)
  2. Laurent Pili (Geneva)
  3. Simon Gomok (Paris)
  4. Quentin Odo (Geneva)

Major honourable mention goes out to Sol Smith for the best tricks we have ever seen in this skatepark !!

All photos are from Stefano Savarino (for more see check out his flickr !






Monday, February 20 2012

Week end session in Bercy

feeble.jpg Thomas Poignant - Feeble before.jpg

This week we finally have some positive temperature and some sun !!!

So we have take our bike and with a small group of rider ( Bat, the firecracker's bro, Eliza and me ) we go to Bercy to ride our home spot.

Enzo and Stefano doesn't have ride for a while, so that was a pleasure to seem them back on wheels, and for Eliza, Bat and me, it was a session for training our tricks !
Bat have done more bunny barspin yesterday than in whole 2011, that was so cool !! I also have take with me my rollerblade so I had a small rollerblading session, it was so cool, I haven't skate for few month, it was hard but it was good !!!

As ever Stefano have take his camera and take theses nice photos !! Don't forget to check his flickr !!!

eliza_-_wheeling.jpeg Eliza Struthers-Jobin - Wheelie

bat_-_pedal_grind_leg_over.jpg Bat Howel - Candy Bar Pedal Grind

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