SNDTRCK is a French collective composed of 4 friends riding track bike since 2007/2008. Yes we are doing tricks on fixed gear bikes and we love it so much that we finally decided to make this blog, to support the local scene, riders and fixed gear industry.


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Wednesday, December 7 2011

SOFB6 is online !!!



The last issue of STOKED ON FIXED BIKE is online !! Greg has once again come out with some awesome work. He's covered most of the fixed gear event in Europe, and we're so stoked about this !

You can find some things related to SNDTRCK in the current issue, like some photos of my last session in BxL with our friends from the Ketjes and the Rotterdam crew ! There's a photo from me doing a nose bonk in Brussels (on the left).

You'll also see some photos from the last BFF tricks comp. It's really cool to see all this in the magazine. It reminds me of all the great events in the last past weeks !!

It's free so you have no excuse to doesn't read SOFB !!



Wednesday, November 23 2011

More pics from the BFF

BFF_13.jpg Judges at work

Our friend Libellue, took some photos during the Bike Film Festival and during the "Nom d'une pipe II" contest.

Here are some of the photos he took during this nice week end !

Libellue is good at photography, but he his almost better on a BMX. Look at his last video called FLAT & STREET REVOLUTION, he shared this video with two other guys and they mixed flat and street ! It's totally amazing what they can do with a bike !!! So stoked !!

BFF_25_435.jpg tomypunk - double pegs

BFF_20.jpg Simon Gomok - Bunny barspin

BFF_26_435.jpg the place of the contest

BFF_29.jpg Renaud one second before he broke his foot !

BFF_12.jpg Huge BMX transfert, during the BMX demo

Sunday, November 13 2011

Nom d'une pipe 2 edit

As you know, last week we have organized the FGFS contest (nom d'une pipe 2) for the Bicycle film festival in Paris !!
Here is the video edit of this perfect week end in Paris with so much friends !! It was so cool !!
Thanks to everybody, and particularly to Degaine, Clande Events, Gran Royal and Blacksheep !!!

I hope you will love it, and sorry for the lack of news and video of the last weeks, but we ride more than we film that's why we are not making so much video, but I promise I will try to make more edit in the next weeks !!

Monday, November 7 2011

BFF Nom d'une pipe 2 is DONE !!!


The second edition of Nom d'une pipe, the FGFS contest of the BFF Paris was during last week end, and it was a crazy event !!!

Thanks to everybody to make this event possible, it was so cool to have all our friends in Paris !
Without Cland√© and Degaine this event would not have been as well. Thanks to them and to all the riders who came !

Check all the photos of Staynerv on his flickr, there are some more !!

See you next year ...

Results :

  1. Simon "Gomok" Andraca (FR) (The UGH's, Radio Bombtrack, Eastpack, O'pignon, Zontrac)
  2. Laurent Pili (CH) (Shred, Fixed Gear Geneva, One Gear)
  3. Nicolas Zanoni (FR) (Geometricks, Unknown, Cyclope)

Girls :

  1. Sashia Haex (NL)
  2. Eliza Struthers-Jobin (CA)




Tuesday, October 25 2011

BFF PARIS Tricks Jam - Nom d'une pipe 2 - 5 & 6 november 2011


Once again the Bike Film Festival is in Paris, and once again we are organising the tricks jam.

Like last year it will be at l'espace des blancs manteaux in center of Paris.

Yes, it is a fixed gear contest during winter, but this one is indoor with some amazing modules, motherfucker!
And there are 500€ prize money from our friend DEGAINE !!!

If you want to have some informations about the contest please visit the event on facebook, we will post all the informations as soon as we are closing things up!

The contest is during the whole week end !!! The prelims are

  • Saturday from 15h to 19h : Prelims
  • Sunday from 13h to 16h : Final

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