It's online for a while but it's always good to post it !! It's the v2 of global moshpit with riders from every where, and I have a nice tricks at the end.

I hope you will love to watch this (or to rewatch it). And thanks to Bombtrack to always make nice projects like this one !!

2015-06-15_11_45_44-The_Global_Mosh_Pit_Vol._2_on_Vimeo.png 2015-06-15_11_45_28-The_Global_Mosh_Pit_Vol._2_on_Vimeo.png 2015-06-15_11_44_47-The_Global_Mosh_Pit_Vol._2_on_Vimeo.png 2015-06-15_11_44_54-The_Global_Mosh_Pit_Vol._2_on_Vimeo.png