I know it's been a long time with no post on the blog. I will try to post more content soon but it's always hard to find the time (and people) to ride and shoot some stuff !

To excuse my self I give you the last big things in FGFS world, with some of the greatest long format video of our sports !!

Fist here is the FOAD crew video, with a "Back to the track" section who are really siiick !!

The second video you have to watch is YOUNG GUNS from the SMC crew, you have only bangers from California kids and that's just so much great work on one edit !!

I'm sure you know that Grime is no longer existing, now you have Turf the new brand of the guys and they have made this pretty crazy Full length edit !!

And the last big things is Stay Strapped DVD, the full version is not online, but if you want to watch it I have a copy at home so you are welcome to watch it !!