After bombtrack announced their project almost a year ago, they received an incredible huge amount of riding clips from all parts of the world.
The Global Moshpit is a co-project with us, Bombtrack has receive the clips and I have edit them !!
So here is the result of the GLOBAL MOSHPIT VOL.1

Here you can see how riders from every part of the world are riding their bombtrack bikes !! Enjoy watching it, and the second one is almost finish so be prepare to see more stuff soon.

Here is the note of Bombtrack about the video :

"The "Global Mosh Pit"-clip series combine BT riders from everywhere, all over the world all styles, all levels and all tricks allowed.

This is no competition, this is a huge jam bridging boundaries between the Bombtrack continents bringing sponsored and public riders into the same family and showing the world the essence of FGFS.

Vol.2 is already finished, and Vol. 3 in the works so keep on sending your personal clips to, and be part of one of the upcoming Mosh Pits.

Note: there will also be a speed-shredding version - so don't hesitate to show us your rides and skills on the SCRIPT or the ARISE bikes!"

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