Yesterday, the redbull minidrome was held at la Cigalle here in Paris. It's a beautifull venue for an event with so many people. 150 people came out !!

During your first run, you ride alone and you need to make 10 laps! If you are a part of the top 32 times, you can go to the next step which is a battle between two riders pitted against one another !!!

After a brief moment in 1st place, I finished the qualifiers in the 22th spot of the fastest riders of the day !! Unfortunately for me my first battle was against the best rider there so it was the end of the line for me. But I had a blast anyways. There were so many people there and the energy level was crazy !!!

Here is the vidéo of my first run !! You really need to curv this minidrome if you want to win !!!

I also just want to say congrats to all the street riders because most of them made it past the qualifying round. Big up to Enzo, Bat Howel, Tromss, and Xavier! Know everybody has seen that trick riders can ride FASTER THAN MOST OF YOU !!!!

Can't wait to for next year!! And maybe I'll be better :)




Official video of the event :