As you may know we're organizing a contest for the Bike Film Festival in Paris.

The event will take in the center of Paris the sunday 7th november from 14h30 to 18h at "l'Espace des Blancs Manteaux".

So yes, we are doing fixed gear contest in winter, but this one is indoor with some amazing modules, motherfucker!

If you want to come and you don't know where to sleep, please go to and write a line about you and we will try to find you a place to sleep in house of a Parisian rider !

If you want to have some informations about the contest please visit the event on facebook, we will post all the informations as soon as we are closing things up!

And you know, this is the Bike Film Festival so there are so many things to do during the week end ! But if you arrive the Saturday we can ride some Parisian spots (go to this map to choose which one you want to ride).

We really want to see you in Paris to another good time like in Brussel or in Rotterdam with Roy recently !