SNDTRCK is a French collective composed of 4 friends riding track bike since 2007/2008. Yes we are doing tricks on fixed gear bikes and we love it so much that we finally decided to make this blog, to support the local scene, riders and fixed gear industry.


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Friday, November 22 2013

Simon Gomok for Bombtrack

Simon Gomok is the best rider in town, he have so much tricks in his collection.

2013 was a wierd year for him cause he has suffer after a bad failled, but he also have doing big things like his US tour the Coast to Ghost tour !
I have made this video of him for bombtrack, as each time he do it big with so much style and speed !! It's always cool to ride with Simon everything looks so easy when he do it.

I hope you will enjoy it !

Monday, November 18 2013

A fish on a bike - Mont Ventoux - Etape 15

Sorry for this non FGFS related post, but as you maybe know, Thibaut Rivière aka Thibs have ride his bike to make "le tour de France" last summer for his project A fish on a bike.

As we are a big familly on SNDTRCK we have help him during his aventure and it was really fun !
I was there during the 15th etape of the tour for the big hills (1912m) of Le Mont Ventoux !

You can watch a small video we catch with his GOpro !!
Nothing big but you can fill how hard it is !!

Enjoy !!

Friday, November 8 2013

Felix Nucult Contest Entry

As you know if you have seen the last video of Felix, he is the new member of SNDTRCK.

Some days ago our friends from Nucult have made a video contest !
With Felix with have made this one night edit to send for the contest, it was the first time that Felix made a feeble to barspin.

I hope you will enjoy it ! The kid is growing fast and he is so good on his bike !!!

01.jpg 02.jpg 03.jpg

Friday, September 13 2013

Bercy session micro Edit by Paul

Yesterday we had a small session with Paul, Felix, Cesar and me, it was a long time with have not ride all together and that was really fun !

During the session I fall 2 times really bad (you can see one of the fall in the video), this morning my shoulder still heart me !

Our friends Paul has make this small video with some iphone clips of yesterday, I hope you will enjoy it ;)
Thanks Paul !

Sunday, August 25 2013

Soundtrack welcomes FELIX

We are really happy to welcomes Felix to soundtrack, we follow him almost since he ride a fixed gear and he is one of the most motivate rider here in Paris. He is one of the youngest FGFS riders in Europe ! He is only 14 years old !!

That's awesome to see how fast he progress, he learn a new trick at each session and I'm pretty sure he will be really good soon !!

We have film this little welcome edit in 3 sessions in Paris Bercy. Enjoy !!

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