SNDTRCK is a French collective composed of 4 friends riding track bike since 2007/2008. Yes we are doing tricks on fixed gear bikes and we love it so much that we finally decided to make this blog, to support the local scene, riders and fixed gear industry.


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Wednesday, November 13 2013

Bombtrack Dash 2014 Bike Check

As I have a new frame it's time to make a new Bike Check pic ! This time the photo was taken in Rennes when I was the only person in the park.

Here are the details of my bike :

  • Frame : 2014 Bombtrack Dash
  • Fork : 2011 Bombtrack fork
  • Stem : Sadio Mike T Schmitt
  • Bar : S&M 5" bar
  • Grips : Odi Longneck
  • Crank : Cult 175mm
  • Sprocket : Bombtrack Chromo sprocket 28t
  • Pedal : Salt
  • Strap : YNOT
  • Front Wheel : Rigida Big Bull 26" laced with Eclat Teck Front Hub
  • Rear Wheel : Complete Bombtrack Dash wheel with micro hub (10t)
  • Seat Post : Durcus One
  • Saddle : Deco Fat Saddle
  • Front Tire : Tioga FS100 2.3
  • Rear Tire : Tioga FS100 2.1
  • Pegs : Front & Rear Animal Butcher (both side)

Monday, September 23 2013

Bat howell Bombtrack bike check

IMG_5805.JPG Bat Howell Divide after some spray paint

When Bat was in Paris he found a bomb of paint in my flat and he decided to paint his bike to be a bit more trash. And here is the result, his bombtrack divide have a nice yellow (or maybe green) ass !!

Hopefully I have stop him when he wanted to paint this beautiful silver fork !!!


Monday, June 3 2013

Niki got a new bike !!


Niki our great friend from Nucult just got his brand new bombtrack Dash directly from the great online shop Fixie factory !
He have remove all the stickers to made this black beauty !


That was really cool to have Niki in Paris for the week end, we have party hard and we also have invented the #bottling a new sport you can pratice with a bottle everywhere, here are a small Vine of Niki doing a tricks !!! That was a lot of fun !!

We also went to the Beret Baguette ride, but I will post some photos soon ...

Wednesday, April 24 2013

Stefano Savarino back in 700C


I'm sure you know who is Stefano Savarino, this is the guy behind the best bike shop in town, La Bicyclette !

But he also a great rider and a part of Nucult, the crazy 700C crew !
Before yesterday Stefano was the only guy who ride a 26" bike in the crew, but he is back in the big wheels game with his brand new Serpent from breakbrake17.

And I must admit that he is damn good on his bike, he already have done all his tricks with his new bike !

Those photos are only some quick one from my phone, but I promise to do better one soon ;)

He has build one of the craziest setup in town, here is a small bike check :

  • Frame/Fork : Bi-color BB17 Serpent / Cobra v3 fork
  • Stem : Unknown top load
  • Bar : S&M 5" bar
  • Crank : Profile 165mm
  • Sprocket : Spike 31t Chromo sprocket
  • Pedal : Animal
  • Strap : YNOT
  • Front Wheel : H+Son todestrieb laced with sadio front hub
  • Rear Wheel : H+Son todestrieb laced with spike classic rear hub
  • Seat Post : Volume seat post
  • Saddle : Deco FAT pivotal
  • Tires : Schwalbe Marathon 700Cx47




Sunday, December 16 2012

BOMBTRACK Bike Check - One year after


Yes another bike check, I was lurking on my photos and found this one that I have never post !

% After riding my Bombtrack for a year, many things have change since my last bike check, I have adjust many things and I finally arrive to the bike I want to ride !

Here is the details of what is my bike now :

  • Frame/Fork : 2011 Bombtrack repaint in yellow
    I have cut the frame to put my saddle really low
  • Stem : Eclat hannibal front load
  • Bar : S&M 5" bar
  • Grips : Odi Longneck
  • Crank : Cult 175mm
  • Sprocket : Tree Chromo sprocket
  • Pedal : Salt
  • Strap : YNOT
  • Front Wheel : Rigida Big Bull 26" laced with Eclat Teck Front Hub
  • Rear Wheel : Rigida Big Bull 26" laced with Radio Bike Fixed Hub
  • Seat Post : Grovestreetbicycles wedge post
  • Saddle : Blacksheep
  • Front Tire : ITS 2.1
  • Rear Tire : Tioga FS100 2.1 (not in the photo)
  • Pegs : Front & Rear Animal Butcher (plastic pegs for the win)
  • Cog : 10t

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